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bigbandvideo1Breaking News: My quintet CD "Travelling Hard" has won the Hans Koller Prize (the austrian "Jazz Grammy") as "CD of the year 2006!" Here a nice video of our Big Band recordings. Download Quicktime for playing or watch it at YouTube & Google Video.
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emusiclogoklein1 "Heart Disc" is now available at eMusic. Buy music there without any DRM!

iTunes1a1 All my CDs are available for download in the Apple iTunes Store. To purchase music there please download and install the free iTunes on your Mac or PC. In iTunes search for "Robert Bachner" or click these direct links to Heart Disc, Travelling Hard & Moments of Noise here.

December 2006

MoN185x183aAre you still looking for the perfect christmas gift? Well, maybe I can help you out a little - at least if you plan to gift some nice jazz ;-) I am glad to announce the release of my newest CD "Moments of Noise", the first CD with my own Big Band! Listen to the songs online here and read the liner note there. Order this CD at the osterreich1a1a ATS Records Shop, download in iTunes1a1a or if you are in Vienna, also get it at the Red Octopus Store in the 8th district (Josefstädterstr. 99). German customers order at deutschland1a1a Also now usa1a2a available in the US at CD Baby. NEW!

In the December issue of the austrian Concerto magazine you can also find a very nice interview of mine, mainly about the new Big Band CD and of course also some words about the Hans Koller Prize for my latest quintet CD "Travelling Hard." In this issue there is also the result of the Concerto Readers Poll 2006, in which we have been voted "Best National Jazz Artist 2006" with the Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra, largely due to our latest and very successful Thomas Bernhard CD. This is really great, also because the first track (listen & and download it in iTunes) of this remarkable CD is a big band arrangement of mine :-)

November 2006

MoNbackkleinDuring the last two weeks I was quity busy to finish all the very last details for my newest CD "Moments of Noise", the first CD with my own Big Band. Writing my own liner notes, having them translated and a lot more; and I also got some very nice notes by Paul Compton. But now everything is done, the CDs are just being made and I should get them very soon. In fact, you will be able to be one of the first buyers on 1st of December, if you come to the Hans Koller Prize Ceremony at the Porgy & Bess here in Vienna.

Next, just two quick concert recommendations in Lower Austria: on 18th with SchwarzMarkt in Krems, and on 23rd with the Concert Jazz Orchestra Vienna in Strasshof near Gänserndorf, at 19:30, Haus der Begegnung. We did not play with the CJOV for quite some time, so it will be great to meet all the guys again; we will perform some "big band jazz history" there on this evening. Speaking of Lower Austria, my CDs are now also available at the Musikfabrik NÖ, Musik Aktuell CD Club. Also check out the very nice "Rate Your Music" page - I think this one makes much more sense than the current "My Space & YouTube hype." But maybe, I should get my own "My Space" page too? But please tell me first why.

TheBuddyRichCollectionAfter uploading our little big band recording video also to YouTube & Google Video, I additionally uploaded it now to Dailymotion. Compared to YouTube and Google Video, I think Dailymotion had the best user experience. But what will Google do after buying YouTube for 1.6 billion dollars? Will they sell my video thousands of times - would I ever get some money for this? Will I ever register my own My Space account? What will Steve Jobs do with the new Apple "iTV" device? But meanwhile please listen to the fantastic "live version of "Willowcrest" by Bob Florence, performed by the great Buddy Rich Big Band.

October 2006

SalzburgIn this months focus there is definitely the city of Salzburg. I will play 2 concerts there now at the annual jazz festival called "Jazz Herbst". On 31st I play a gig with the extraordinary (and ex vienna philharmonic) bass player (and VAO mate of mine) Georg Breinschmid, celebrating the music of Charles Mingus. On 26th we will have another concert there with the fabulous "Flip Philipp & Ed Partyka Dectet". Also watch out for the newest (2nd) recording of this very unique band.

tonymomrelleSalzburg is not only the home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (who gets his 250th birthday celebrated this year) but it is also the home of another great austrian Big Band, the Lungau Big Band. With this band we just recorded a brand new Soul/Jazz album called "Soulmiles 2" featuring the amazing british Singer Tony Momrelle from the legendary band Incognito. Tony also brought with him Julian Crampton, the most stunning electric bass player I have ever played with.

And we will finish the last details for my first, own Big Band CD at ATS-Records in Molln (which is quite near Salzburg :-) this month. The planned release date is December 2006, which is just perfect for christmas. Here also a nice article about Karin in the current issue of the austrian Concerto magazine. I recently also did a short interview for Mac Essentials which you can hear on their website on 15th. Well, I did quite a few interviews for radio and print already, but being interviewed by a Macintosh news site was really a new experience for me (and as it seems now it won´t be the last time...)

September 2006

HansKollerI am really glad to tell you that my latest quintet CD "Travelling Hard" has won the Hans Koller Prize in the category "CD of the Year 2006". It´s the first time that a trombonist gets this honorable award. Well, what can I say more about this? Maybe, what about buying a copy of this CD ;-) By the way, I also want to tell you that I got a great new disdributor for Germany & Switzerland, namely Together with ATS Records/Extraplatte, CD Baby (USA) & the Apple iTunes Store it should be quite easy now to purchase my CDs.

bigbandvideoThis month we already had the premiere of "Wein, Weib & Gesang" with the UAJO on 14th in Wels, featuring the wonderful Tini Kainrath on vocals. This new program is also some great fun. Join us on 18th at the Radiokulturhaus in Vienna. On 26th there will be again the tribute to Frank Rosolino at the Jazzland, and I will do the the final mixing for the upcoming Big Band CD "Moments of Noise". Here a nice video from our Big Band recordings in February.

August 2006

Now we finished all the rehearsals with the VAO for the new "3" program(s) - 39 compositions - and I can just tell you: you will have the ultimate listening experience if you come to all 3 consecutive nights. If you are a "hardcore" VAO fan, there will be no doubt anyway ;-) So maybe better take some days off from work then to be ready for this. But there is still some time left, the premiere in Vienna will be in May 2007. The "3 CD box" recordings will start end of August now. We also would have planned two VAO gigs in Israel in August now, but it doesn´t look to good for this at the moment.

picturesUp next in August is the premiere of our new "Wagner-program" with Heavy Tuba, which will be on 20th at the Festwochen Gmunden. That will be some interesting & crazy stuff, again arranged by "the master" Helmar Hill. If you are maybe a little curious how that could sound, then please check out our latest CD "Pictures at an exhibition" to get an idea. Listen to some previews in the iTunes Musicstore. Mid of this month then we will also record this brand new program for ATS-Records.

Please also note the new "Free Download" section. Here you can download some free, unreleased mp3 files and sheet music of mine. To download simply click on the blue arrow right next to the filename.

July 2006

Oh yeah! My new quintet CD "Travelling Hard" has been nominated for the Hans Koller Prize (the austrian "Jazz Grammy") in the category "CD of the Year 2006." Very funny side note here: this news is now even on Jamie Cullum´s website, since Jamie is nominated for the European Jazz Prize. Hopefully the jury likes my CD best, because then I would be able to release my new Big Band CD earlier. On 29th there will be an interview in the austrian radio Ö1 "Jazznight", also presenting my new CD "on air."

flipeddectetOn beginning of this month we already recorded a new CD with the "Flip Philipp & Ed Partyka Dectet" again. Very interesting and challenging stuff. If you want to know what to expect from this new recording, then check out the first CD "Something wrong with you?" of this extraordinary "jazz/avantgard/gospel ensemble." On this new CD you will also hear an arrangement of mine of Flip´s composition "So Rare" - The Bebop Ballad Mix ;-)

In the last weeks I wrote a new composition for the ensemble Trombonica and I also did a new arrangement for the Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra - for our latest program "Wein, Weib & Gesang." Btw, the first concert with this new music will be on September 14th in Wels. End of July there will be the start of the rehearsals for the new Vienna Art Orchestra program "3" and later on in August & September we will record 3 new CDs with it. Watch out for our VAO mega tour in 2007!

June 2006

On 4th we already had a very nice concert with the extraordinary band "HEAVY TUBA" in Linz at the Brucknerhaus and the big crowd there really loved it. Wow, what a remarkable band - thanx Heimo! If you haven´t heard Schwarzmarkt live yet, then your next chance to hear this great ensemble will be on 19th at the Jazzland here in Vienna. We will play the music of our current CD and also some new compositions.

Bernhard144x143aAlso now released, the latest recording of the Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra - my "home Big Band". This brand new CD is called "Des söwe aundas - oder Thomas Bernhard groovt". It´s about the famous austrian writer Thomas Bernhard and his works. I wrote a composition for this very challenging project about Bernhard´s book "Die Ursache." Reinhard "Bux" Brunner of ATS-Records also did a great job recording this music. If you like interesting, new and fresh big band stuff, then this is definitely a CD for you.

Later on this month I will also do some mixing of my new upcoming Big Band CD. This CD will be probably called "Moments of Noise" - after an older composition of mine. The release of this CD is planned for late summer this year. The next concert with my own Big Band will also be this month on 26th at the Jazzland.

May 2006

Wow, this is really a very nice start into the new month. In the current issue (May & June) of the austrian magazine Jazzzeit I got a five star review for my new quintet CD "Travelling Hard." Dear journalists, if you are also interested in reviewing/broadcasting this new CD then please contact me. Here also a nice online photo gallery from our last quintet concert in Bad Hofgastein on march 28th by Werner Maresch.

theartoftromboneplayingThe last months I was really busy playing, recording, writing & organizing. This month I have not so many concerts to play and therefore I am able to spend much more time for practicing again. By the way, for all the trombonists: if you don´t already have, get the book "The Art of Trombone Playing" by Edward Kleinhammer. I think it is still the best book available if you want to improve your bone playing & general technique.

Now new available in Apple´s iTunes Music Store for download: Spring is on the Way, 101 Years Glenn Miller & Schwarzmarkt. If you are in or near Linz then maybe also visit the concert of the OÖJJO on may 20th at the Brucknerhaus. They will play a great new program (also some very nice originals) with an extended line up. Full Big Band plus tuba and 5 (!) french horns. Something you won´t hear that often. Also have a look at this very nice video featuring Carl Fontana in the Netherlands.

Hier auch noch etwas "off topic" - Information & Kritik zu Dan Brown´s Sakrileg (original "THE DA VINCI CODE)

April 2006

SpringisonthewayA new month and some new CDs again, where you also can hear some playing and writing of mine. We really had a very nice concert on 28th of march at the Birdland here in Vienna with our special "double CD presentation". Please also note the new CD "Spring is on the way" of my wife´s wonderful new quartet. It contains beautiful compositions of herself (especially listen to the ballads!) and very interesting versions of some jazz standards. I play 2 solos on this recording and did some arranging on 3 songs. Check out Karin´s Homepage for more information and audio examples.

On this CD you can also hear my brother Christian Bachner (on saxophone & clarinet) who also did most of the recording, mixing and mastering of this wonderful CD. He is an oustanding saxophone player with an incredible sound. He is doing more and more recording work in his own studio lately, so maybe also contact him if you plan to record your new band project. My new CD "Travelling Hard" is now also available at the Red Octopus Onlinestore and at the EMI Store in Vienna´s 1st disctrict.

SchwarzMarktAnd there is another new, very interesting recording by bassplayer Gina Schwarz. She is leading a wonderful quintet and the new CD "SchwarzMarkt" is also out now. This band plays some very exciting original compositions, odd meter stuff and other challenging tunes. I play quite a lot of solos on this one and there is also one composition of mine on this great CD. If you have the chance to hear this band live, come and check it out, I am sure you will like it.

March 2006

TravellingHard185x178aThis month I am pleased to announce the release of my new Quintet CD "Travelling Hard". Please order this CD at the ATS Records online shop here: german or english. If you want to be one of the first to get this new CD, then come to our presentation concert on March 28th at Joe Zawinul´s Birdland here in Vienna. Actually we are doing a "double CD happening", because my wife Karin Bachner will also present her first Quartet CD "Spring is on the way" on this evening. I am sure it will be a great party, so don´t miss this special evening! To reserve tickets call Vienna 01/588 85 or mail to Be quick, because a lot of the best seats there are sold already!

In the 2nd half of march and in the beginnig of april I will also play quite a few gigs with the Lungau Big Band again. We will do a groovy soul program featuring the british Singer Tony Momrelle. Speaking of Big Bands, I can tell you that the recordings with my own Big Band in february went really great. At the moment I am listening to all the takes and soon we will start the process of mixing & editing, so stay tuned for the latest news here.

On 5th I also did a very nice gig with the Würzburg Jazz Orchestra at the "Bockshorn" in Würzburg, where I was a featured soloist on trombone and euphonium. This is a great band of young "jazz-enthusiasts" directed by the german trombonist and composer/arranger Markus Geiselhart. By the way, Markus also just moved to Vienna this month. So, if you need a bone player, composer, arranger or a conductor, then give him a call ;-)

February 2006

The jazz scene here in Vienna is very busy at the moment and a lot of people are writing new music, doing gigs and recording new CD´s. I am no exception to this as I also just recorded 2 new CD´s myself ;-) And I will record another CD this month - my very first CD with my own Big Band. I am really excited about that and it´s also a nice chance for me to play again with my New York room mate Adrian Reiter from Munich, whom I invited to be the guitar player for this recording session.

MillerCover144x143On 4th of this month we already had another concert with the fabulous Flip Philipp/Ed Partyka Dectet (please also note the new CD "Something wrong with you?") at the Porgy & Bess. This month I am also doing some nice dance gigs with the band intact from Linz. And there is another CD recording coming up for me this month with Marcus Ratka´s "Chameleon Changes" octet with the new program, which you can also hear live on 26th at the Porgy & Bess here in Vienna. By the way, my quintet CD "Heart Disc" is now also availble in the US at Tower Records.

Another very nice CD which also has been released just right now is the latest project of the Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra called "101 Years Glenn Miller" arranged and conducted by Michael Gibbs. I am doing section rehearsals with the OÖJJO ´Bones now again and last but not least as a little preview here: on march 28th there will be a very special "double" presentation concert of my new quintet CD "Travelling Hard" at the Birdland together with Karin and the new CD of her own quartet.

January 2006

SwingaffairsWelcome to 2006! There is a lot of exciting stuff ahead this year - let´s start with the VAO. This year in summer we will record 3 (!) new CD´s for our "mega tour" in 2007 with about 100 concerts worldwide! Speaking of VAO records, the latest VAO CD "Swing & Affairs" is also a featured record in the february 2006 issue of the US Downbeat magazine. Buy this extraordinary CD online at Amazon (Europe only) or download it in the Apple iTunes Musicstore (very soon also in the US) - I am sure you won´t regret it.

On 4th of january I will also play a concert with the Duo with Helmar Hill at Sandras Salon starting at 19.30. We will play the program of our new Duo CD there, including Helmar´s great concerto for trombone and piano called "Ein feiner Zug". This CD will be released in spring 2006. On 19th we will again play with my own big band at the Jazzland. Be sure to come, because it will be the last time we play the wonderful Ella Fitzgerald Special there, featuring my lovely wife Karin Bachner on vocals ;-)

From 10th to 15th I will be in New York City again to perform with the Jazz Big Band Graz at the IAJE Conference and end of this month we will also record the "Thomas Bernhard program" with the UAJO. Finally also the new book of Kurt Dietrich - "Jazz Bones" is out now! It´s a book about "the world of jazz trombone" and he was also so kind to include a few lines about myself. Haven´t got and read it yet, so I am really thrilled about that one too ;-)

By the way, do you "skype" already? If not then please go to and download this great communication tool. With this very nice program (available for Mac, PC & Linux) you can call me for free via the internet. My skype username is "bachnerr" - you will need it for calling me with Skype.

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